Windows 10 spying on us all

Learn how to opt out of Microsoft’s intrusive new terms of use Windows 10 running on a phone at a technology show in March TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP/Getty Images   Windows 10 has been well received by users and tech writers alike, but parts of Microsoft’s new privacy policy are raising eyebrows due to concerns that they  [...]

New Zero-Day Vulnerability Discovered in TimThumb Script

WordPress Security Alert: New Zero-Day Vulnerability Discovered in TimThumb Script Sarah Gooding June 25, 2014 20 photo credit: kama17 – cc Security vulnerabilities have plagued the TimThumb script for years. It is most commonly used in cropping, zooming and resizing images in WordPress themes. After the large scale attacks launched against the script a few  [...]

How to upgrade to SSL certificates from SHA1 to SHA2

With Chrome version 39 which is in the process of being released (see footnote), Google has started issuing warnings if a website is using a certificate that has a signature algorithm that uses the older and less secure SHA1. To find out which signature algorithm your secure website is using, in Chrome click on the green  [...]